Types of Tourism

Dhaka is attracting a significant number of tourists in compare to some of the cities in Southern Asia and there are plenty of places to explore in the region. Because of its unique and friendly culture along with ancient, Mughal and British architecture, Dhaka is recognized as one of the most overwhelming city in the world. Though a large number of tourists are here on business purpose, yet many other types of tourists visit this growing city from every corner of the world.

Business tourism is the largest portion of the entire tourists visiting Bangladesh. Due to the rapid growth of various business opportunities including RMG sector in this country, Bangladesh has become a global business hub for last couple of decades. Hundreds of thousands foreign people visit Bangladesh every year and most of them are visiting various locations of Dhaka on various purposes.

Cultural Tourism is another type of tourism, driving thousands of international tourists to explore the vibrant and divers culture in the Dhaka city. As life goes on, Culture remains as one of the most important factors, which attract tourists to a destination and Dhaka is one of the most diverse and vibrant Cultural hub of South-Asia. Dhaka, despite being a megacity in the Muslim majority nation, other cultures are merging with equal status. So, cultural tourism in Dhaka gives insight to a way of people’s life of its dressing, jewelry, dance, music culture, as well as architecture, customs and traditions, fairs and festivals from diverse cultural background.

Dhaka is also widely famous for Religious Tourism because of the Ijtema, the second largest Islamic gathering after Hajj. A significant number of pilgrims are from various countries visiting Dhaka to perform this spiritual gathering and fortunately most of them visit various historic locations and uncountable Mosques in the city. Beside pilgrimage tourism, Dhaka is currently being recognized for leisure tourism as well. Domestic people are also visiting Dhaka from different part of the country every day and the city is thriving every moment.