The shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal (Rah)

Immediately after the arrival of Islam in the world, Bangladesh is swept through the light of Islam by innumerable Sufi saints and dervishes since the 6th century. The most notable among the Sufi sages of Islam in Bangladesh is Hazrat Shahjalal (R). He stepped in Sylhet at the invitation of first Muslim of Sylhet Sheikh Burhanuddin to stop the torture and tyranny of the then king Gaurgovind. Hazrat Shahjalal (R) with his associates defeated the tyrannical king and laid down Islamic rule in Sylhet.

The Shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal (R) is very sacred to Muslims. Thousands of Muslims visit the shrine everyday and seek for dua. There is a pond near the shrine where lots of Gazar Fishes swim and respond to the visitors call. They are also sacred to the visitors as they are very. The fishes give pleasure to those who come to the pond.