Sanmar Ocean City

Sanmar Ocean City is next to Purba Nāsirābād and is located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Sanmar Ocean City has a length of 0.17 kilometres.

It is no matter whether the price is sky-rocketing or, scanty of money this is quiet true to see over-flow of customers at Sanmar Ocean City on the Eid shopping.

All six floors in the modern posh mall Sanmar Ocean City are beaming with huge customers at the ahead of Eid Ul Fitr now. Razia Sultana, a housewife, has bought a sari from Kankon; the saree is of Italian craft silk costs Tk 22,000. Rajia is happy to buy the sari of her choice. When pointed to the big some of money it required, she comments, 'In fact the price is a bit higher as it is Eid season. Still, none would be unhappy to pay a little more than the actual price if the desired item is of one's choice.' At Ofelia, located in the third floor of the mall, is displayed quite a handsome collection of cosmetics, imitation jewelry and exclusive, pricey handbags.

Sales volume is fine though at the beginning it was not that well for the first 8/10 days of the Ramadan, salesmen said.