Pitha or rice cake is a very traditional food with a long history in Bangladesh.Hundreds of variations are prepared in different districts and rural areas, often with the addition of palm sugar (taaler gur), molasses (khejurer gur), date palm juice or coconut. Some pithas are prepared with milk as well. Different types of pitha are snacks and breakfast items in rural Bangladesh. Common methods of preparation include steaming, deep frying and a combination of both methods.

Clay pots and banana leaves are widely used for making pitha. Bhapa pitha, puli, chitoi, nokshi pitha, pakon, patishapta, teler pitha, malpoa, pua pitha, tushi pitha, chapri, chhita pitha, taal (Asian Palm) er pitha, patar pitha and bibikhana are some of the common varieties.

Each year, the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter are filled with festivities and activities around collecting and processing newly harvested rice and making different types of rice cakes with new rice (notun chal) that adds a special flavor to the rice cakes. This is a tradition in all parts of rural Bangladesh.