Kusumba Mosque, Naogaon

Kusumba Mosque is the mark of the glorious history of Bengal sultanate. It is located in Manda, the largest upazila of the district of Naogaon. The mosque is assumed to be built during the reign of Sultan Ala-ud-Din Hussain Shah as his name is inscribed on the mihrab of the mosque. This mosque is made of four-color black and gray-colored stones and burnt earthenware bricks. The artistic craftsmanship of the mosque with terracotta clay tiles, the leaves of hanging chains which is an amazing blend of Muslim architecture.

The walls of this brick-built mosque are covered with stones inside and outside. There are four octagonal turquoises or tartets in the mosque. There are two broad pillars inside the mosque. There are six domes of the mosque. There is a huge water body of 25.83 acre in front of the mosque. Inside the mosque, there is a high seat on the north-west corner pillars.

This is one of the most historic establishments in the Barind region of northern Bangladesh that the tourists never want to miss it.