The Capital City of Dhaka is connected with many countries or major hubs of the world by airways. Biman Bangladesh Airlines, state owned airlines of the country, operates flights to more than 27 destinations around the world. Some of the destinations are Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Bombay, Calcutta, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Karachi, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, London, Muscat, Dhahran, Baghdad, Kuwait, Yangon, Rome, Tripoli, Tokyo, Singapore, Bahrain, Frankfurt, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Sharjah, Seoul, Riyadh and Delhi. Alongside Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the major airlines of the world operate their flights in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is connected with neighboring India by railway. Besides, the major cities of the country are connected by rail. Dhaka is the railway hub of the country.


Waterways play an important role in communication and transportation in a riverine country like Bangladesh. There are hundreds of river ports connecting thousands of waterways putting huge contribution to country’s economy and way of life of the people. Sadarghat is the largest and most pervious river port in Bangladesh. It is not only the busiest river port in Asia, but it is called the busiest river port even in the world by foreign tourists. Sadarghat is one of the most attractive places for the tourists also. The capital city of Dhaka is connected to the major cities of the country through via Sadarghat.


With the wonderful economic development of Bangladesh, the communication system has achieved remarkable progress also. Vast streets and highways and flyovers have made it for the tourists to travel to interesting places without any hazard . It does not need more than six hours to go from any part of the country from Dhaka. Luxury Coach Services are available that gives the visitors comfortable journey from one place to another. Agartala, West Bengal and Tripura are connected to Bangladesh by road.